a story of adoption

Our Angel

Our Angel

How it all got started. 

Adoption is a gift, one that I have not always understood. It is a gift that is cluttered by society’s assumptions, hiding the treasure that it truly is. I picked adoption as my blog topic because it has been the most life changing, perspective altering, and revealing process, a process that I yearn to share. I felt feelings that I could not of comprehended, wept like never before, and loved more than I even knew I was capable of. Someday Forever means that someday, there will be a forever. Someday, the child will have a forever home, a forever family, a forever support system that will love and care for them. Someday Jayden would be my forever little brother, and forever his last name would be Donovan. For three years we cried out for the “forever.” Throughout the years of fostering Jayden, we clung to the forever. Three weeks ago, that “forever” began. Fostering and adoption are the greatest gifts because they allow an individual to see beyond themselves, calling them to something greater than themselves.

Fostering vs. Adoption

Fostering and adoption are two different processes, but one can lead into the other, like it did for my family. Fostering is a temporary state, where a vulnerable child is housed and taken care of by a family that has been licensed by the Department of Social Services until his or her parent(s) become prepared and fit to regain possession of their child. Adoption is a permanent placement that involves a licensed family adding a new addition. The child (whose mother or father are unable to parent them, surrendered up their parental rights, or deceased) is legally “adopted” into a new family. Their birth certificate is amended to reflect the situation and the child takes the family’s last name, making the adoption official in court. The adoption that we are used to hearing about is mostly international. The adoption that my family took part in occurred in our own home town.

Adoption looks different for everyone. Cause, purpose, and outcome depend on the situation of the child. Most of the situations involve a broken family unit, caused by a multitude of reasons. Some may claim that this transition is not in the best interest of the child which depends on the current environment and the situation the child is going into. The Department of Social Services determines the situation and acts accordingly, with the child’s safety and life as their upmost priority. Jayden was born into a situation that would have been destructive, but by God’s grace, we now share our last name.

Someday, he would be our forever.

Thankful is an understatement. Jayden is our angel, our little brother, our miracle, our forever. The adoption of Jayden revealed to me a need in our world, one that needs to be acted upon. Adoption blessed me with a lifetime of memories. Adoption gave me a little brother, one who has more joy in his eyes and life in his heart that you could ever imagine. A new giggle fills our home, and there is a new grin in our Christmas card. Jayden Donovan is forever.

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